Greetings again from the darkness. Remember when the TV show “Dallas” from the 1980s saved Romania? Although this is the ironic theme of this innovative docudrama, it is understandable if you have not even heard of this connection in the surprise of pop culture Romania-USA. Married filmmakers Livia Ungar and Sherng-Lee Huang offer a visually unique show, even among the unusual offerings of a film festival.

In communist Romania in the 1980s, “Dallas ” was the only Western show allowed to be made available to the public-the idea was that it would act as a warning against the evils of capitalism. Of course, the result was very different, and the Romanians took the film as a fantastic lifestyle. The show perpetuated the differences between poverty and wealth and communism and freedom.

Ms. Ungar is also a version of her youth, and her art education plays a huge role in the way she presents this story – she is artistic, imaginative, and sometimes even impressionistic. She uses the” endless column ” of the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi as images for the connection with the culture and dreams of the United States. Time is also somewhat relative here, since we periodically jump forward and backward.

One of the most intriguing segments is the Southfork Ranch hotel, developed by a sunflower oil business tycoon (who also spent time in cage). It is known as Southfork of Slobazia, and one of the strangest songs/videos you will hear/see accompanies us on the tour.

Patrick Duffy, who, of course, played Bobby Ewing in the series” Dallas”, plays an unusual American tourist named Mr. Here. Mr. Duffy contributes a lot to the narrative and his appearance adds to the surreal feel of the film. There are also re-enactments or re – imaginations of some real “Dallas” intrigue, including the infamous”PAM’s dream”. For those who love their films at the extreme end of the artistic directors, they will be very happy. Others may simply be pleased with the excessive number of shots that show the back of Ms. Ungar in tight jeans.