In between and Deadpool, 2016 turns out to be the year in which to put George Michael in your action comedy is tantamount to a good movie. (Believe me, it will make more sense after watching the movie.)

Anyway; Keanu is pretty awesome! I wouldn’t say it’s anything at the level of Deadpool or Hail Caesar in the realm of comedies I’ve seen this year, but it’s a pretty fun little movie that doesn’t wear out, it’s welcome and made me laugh a lot.

I’m not particularly the biggest fan of Key and Peel, but I know their work pretty well and I can safely say that if you have something so good on your first try, I’m really interested in whether you have something different in the movie.

It’s pretty superficially thematic, a lot of elements of the plot are pretty rough and require a suspension of disbelief, the movie uses close-ups more than usual, which is a little distracting, and I wouldn’t say every joke ends up or whatever. But most of them do it and are quite hysterical.

Believe me, there’s a reason I raised George Michael, they pull absolutely everything they can out of this joke and it’s great. Key and Peel also turn out to be very good actors. Both create compelling tracks and their characters traverse complete and complete arcs that are satisfying to watch. And if nothing else, you can at least completely behind each motivations, because the kitten in question, Keanu, is ADORABLE. They don’t use it too much and they perfectly understand why most of the characters in the movie suddenly decide that it’s the most important thing in their respective worlds.

So yeah, don’t say too much about Keanu because I really don’t want to spoil where most of these jokes go. Probably not one of the best movies I end up seeing this year, but I had fun with it and if that sounds like your kind of thing, go ahead.