So what do you hope from here? More action? Bigger Bangs? Some old Spidey?

Or did you expect something similar to The Winter Soldier, where a more political conspiracy overlapped with the more traditional comic book action scenes?

If you answered yes to the first question, you are there. This is the movie for you!

If you answered yes to the second question, you are there. This is the movie for you!

And in a simple Moment of flippancy, you have everything right and wrong with the recent Captain America rate.

To say the least, a lot is happening.

As for where it all fits what was before, we pick up The Action after Age Of Ultron-but The shadow of Winter Soldier and the first Avengers outing are big.

After a slight Whoopie during a Mission abroad, the new Avengers (not to be confused with the book) are in the spotlight and under pressure to adapt to the political masters.

Meanwhile, Mr. Baddy hellbent takes revenge and wants to make people pay for the things they did while trying to save the world.

Essentially, these are two very different films that are crushed together. And not treated.

Which is cool if you don’t mind wondering where three hours of your life have gone…

Visually and tonally, Civil War looks like two movies in one.

And surprisingly, none of this is a review.

Because even hours after seeing Civil War, he stayed with me. And the only reason I don’t see him again is because I had to write this.

I was asked by a friend (yes, I do, but only this one) after I left the screening where I would place Civil War-was it up there with Guardians Of the Galaxy or Ant Man?

Yes, I think, but this is a completely different Movie.

Both were great fun, and while CW (shush, I’m easily bored) has its lighter moments, it’s a much darker Movie at the end.

So let’s look at the advantages, of which there are many.

The entire cast is in great shape, the jokes-when they appear-are crisp and quippy, the central cap v strong pattern is striking and there are some surprises.

(Well, if you stayed away from all the preview hype.)

Its duration surprisingly does not stretch and although I doubt you will lose something if you shave for 20 minutes, it does not seem over the top.

But it’s not perfect.

The first action scenes are almost blurry, when Anthony and Joe Russo try to put as many fingers as possible into each available take.

Then there are the charts that tell you that we are in London or BERLIN.

Subtlety was not in the office when this decision was made. In fact, these legends are so intrusive that they would have almost ruined the Film.

Fortunately, they don’t give a damn after a while and we can all relax and move on.

The problem at the heart of CW is the number of characters and action tools the team tries to enter.

Already signed up for the next two Avengers movies, it feels like the Russo are training to be as good as Joss Whedon the first time.

And then something happens.

When the pages contract, the divisions and reasons become clearer, the Film calms down a little and the drama and tension can spread and take hold of you.

And they do.

To the point that the end is almost approaching you when the climate struggle is imbued with emotions.

At that point, I was happy to know that there were two things after the credit, because I was really in no hurry to leave my place, like the impact of the half-hour closing.

Civil war is not perfect. It is too ambitious and sometimes unnecessarily complicated.

But despite this, he entertains and strike in the same way and shows Zack Snyder how to do something Big without messing it up.